Age | 16

Photographer| Lisa Uesugi

I am taking photos of my sister Hallie. I call her Hallie Gurl and I picked my little sister because she is important. I love fixing her hair in the mornings before we go to school. We also read together and when she doesn’t know a word in the book, I’m there to help her. I love watching her grow up. Hallie makes me happy and I am proud to be her older sister. She is the best little sister anyone could have. I am proud that she goes to school everyday. Because of her I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. She makes my days special.

I am…a beautiful Polynesian wahine
I can…finish high school
I will…go to college and play UH volleyball

Alexis is my tita. She is my sister and I like to go to school because my tita goes to school every day. She helps me fix my hair before school and I feel pretty. I like to go swimming with her and I love to sit and read with her. She does everything for me. I am proud that she is in high school. I hope she plays UH volleyball when she goes to college. I love you tita.

Hallie | Sister

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