Lauren Potter

An inspiration to all, Lauren Potter has proven herself a young woman of strength and of character. When Professionals told her she ‘couldn’t’ or ‘wouldn’t’, she worked herself harder- sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Barriers and limitations put before her became a personal challenge to let people know she is worthy of high ideals and capable of great expectations.

Born into a family of three boys, she was blessed to have the playful and gentle guidance of loving brothers. Competing with them for attention and time, she proved herself superior to the task. As she grew, their influence stayed with her- making her a social genius and a skilled comedian.

Lauren danced before she could walk. At age three, Lauren was in her element from her first dance class. There, a loving teacher taught her the rigors of discipline and the nature of art. For thirteen years, she loved the dance and craved the stage. After each performance, Lauren made herself known by waving and blowing kisses to her “fans”.

She made her acting debut in the film “Mr. Blue Sky”, playing the part of young Andra Little. Her acting skills impressed the producers and casting directors of “Glee” enough that they cast her on the hit Fox television program. Playing the recurring role of Becky Jackson for the second season continues to open doors for Lauren, and she hopes these doors will open wider still!

Lauren is currently serving as the spokesperson for to “Disable Bullying”, and is also working with the Special Olympics on their “Spread the Word to End the ‘R’ Word” campaign. Lauren has benefitted from and is committed to a simple ideal: that she shares in the rights and privileges of all citizens and has much to offer. By simple extension, she believes these rights extend to all people.

Lauren and our Participants at the Farm to Table Event, featuring Chef Fred DeAngelo and Chef Eric Leterc. Thank you to the Chefs, Nalo Farms, and The Pacific Club for a great day!